Aadhar UID card most Unique Identification Card in India

Aadhar UID card Features, Uses, Information check here.

Aadhar UID Card is issued to every Indian among 29 states and 7 Union Territories. An Unique 12 Numbered identification card us issued by verifying both Demographic and Bio-metric Information of each citizen. All residents of India, NRI people, Anglo Indians must enroll themselves for UID card generation. It is verifiable online and free of cost.

Every aspect of citizen services, Financial services are all linked to this aadhar UID card now. If any person want to get a service from any office or any thing they mush present aadhar. This is highest level of Persoanl Identification that can be given to a Citizen by UIDAI.

This number it self will enable a citizen for Uniqueness, Authentication, Financial Address, e-KYC (Electronic Know your Customer) authentication. This card was even linked to ration or Food cards, Pension schemes, Government related subsidies such as LPG, Bank accounts all are linked to aadhar card.aadhar uid card

For even a registration, Purchase of vehicles, Passport related services one must have UID card.

How is Aadhar UID card is given to an Applicant?

An applicant must download an enrollment form for applying for EPIC UID card. They must fill all details, address correctly. After that applicant or enrolled has to visit aadhar seva kendra or Aadhar enrollment center.
When you get your token number go for giving Biometric enrollment. Operator will take your Retina scanning or eye image capture. Then one by one Finger prints are captured and uploaded for digital verification.
After approving of aadhar enrollment by UID officer aadhar card is approved and alerts are sent trough SMS to applicant mobile.

Uniqueness and features of aadhar UID card:

yes when it resounds as Identification in English it has latest modren technology used to give an ID. Aadhar is generated trought de-duplication of Demograpic, Biometric capturing. It will also verify in same time that enrollment is done previously or not at time of capturing.
The design itself allows portable usage and carrying any where. Two versions are given one is E-aadhar letter, aadhar UID EPIC card. Short version aadhar card can be carried by printing on a PVC card.
Authentication capacity of aadhar is highest ever devloped in century. It can handle 100 million authentication requests per day without tiring. All technology used for authetication were open sourcing.

Website name id uidai.gov.in for more information about aadhar project.

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